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My camera/lens has been giving me this pinkish purple coloring when I play with sun and I don’t know why but I really like it
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Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games (x)
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did i upload this already?

Keep walking fatty











NASA recently released imagery showing the deforestation of America  …in just 34 years.

We are killing the Earth

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How long are we going to keep closing our eyes to this? What are we going to do?


Its just going to become this blue and brown planet, children in the future will draw their planet with brown and not green like we used to

This needs to fucking change 


I wish we could do something about this but what can we do? No one would listen.

That’s a fucking shit attitude.


I first met Nenes 9 years ago, when he was bought by my riding school. At that time I had ridden for a few years but due to some incidents that scared the living shit outta me, I dared not even trot with someone holding my horse for me, because I thought the horse would bolt. Needless to say, I was terrified every single time I rode, but for some reason I still made myself go back every week.When Nenes had gotten a bit used to the riding school life, I got to ride him, and I remember how safe I felt on him. He was so genuinely good, not only because that’s how he was taught to be, but because that’s how he wanted to be. And during the next five years he gave me so much of my confidence back, until I was able to gallop full speed up a huge hill with no control whatsoever, and I enjoyed it so much – it was total freedom. Whenever we hacked out and were closing in on that huge hill, I had butterflies in my belly and I was so nervous, in the best kind of way. It was anticipation.I was still afraid of jumping, but I could finally start jumping over tiny poles.Then the day came when all funds were cut from the riding school, and they sold all their horses and shut down. I begged and begged for my parents to buy me Nenes, but instead I had to watch him get sold to another girl.
I kept on riding on other riding schools. I went to see him when I was in the neighborhood, and when the time came, I started at Bollerup and learned so much on how to ride different horses. I even jumped a little, though the lessons were really uncomfortable for me and I felt really out of place. I loved the dressage lessons. 
Then, april last year, I came across a very familiar face when i was browsing a horse sales page. His previous owner, the girl I shared a riding school with, was graduating and wouldn’t be able to keep him. At first I wasn’t seriously considering it, but then I realized that if he was sold off to some remote corner of Sweden, then that would be it. I would never see him again. I sort of panicked, and I wrote to both mom and dad, dropping the news of him being for sale. Mom was asleep and didn’t answer. Dad called me and gave me the scolding of a life time and told me to forget about it. He honestly made me, the 17-y.o, cry. The next day, mom called me and said let’s do it. SO. That’s the story of how I was reunited with my most fantastic friend who helped me so much by just being there. I just wanted to put this in a post so everyone can truly understand how much I love this horse.

This is wonderful
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people told me they gained over 50+ when i did this the other day so yas

wtf i gained over 80 thank u crunchier this is dope 

gogogo equestrians

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Aiden came into this world at risk of being immediately slaughtered like countless foals before him, but now he is going to prove that nurse mare foals deserve to live just as much as any other horse.

Playing with my moms camera during my friends lesson.  Claire riding Chex.

"Ben Maher and Aristo Z win the CSI5* Prize of Qatar 1.50 in Paris, France @RBpresse"
Found on LGCT facebook